Bucketheads has built a family of incredibly talented people from the film industry, as well as many Star Wars enthusiasts. Let's meet some of our key members.


Marco Bossow


Co-Owner of Transmute Pictures, Marco is an award-winning cinematographer and director based in Vancouver. His passion for Science Fiction and its larger-than-life stories drove him to take up a place behind the camera after a lengthy stint as an editor and camera assistant honing his craft in Canada's film industry.

He's a full member of ICG 669, an associate member of the CSC and holds dual citizenship between Canada and Germany.

Andy Brown

Producer/Director of Photography

Co-Owner of Transmute Pictures, Andy is an ICG 669 member, CSC-Associate Cinematographer and award-winning director. Through his vast experience on top quality Vancouver film and television sets, Andy has developed a keen eye behind the lens, giving him the experience and capabilities to create stunning images and thought-provoking stories.

Terry Chui

Art Director

Terry a prop and specialty costume designer, artist and fabricator from Vancouver BC Canada. He has an eye for design and the ability to ensure that everything he works on has every detail accurate for the genre.

He has a background in graphic design and Illustration, and a long career in video games where he was a concept artist, 3D modeler, character and environment designer, game designer, Art Director and Creative Director on various game franchises.

Shawn Major

Production Designer

Known in the industry as simply Major, he is a man of many talents. With credits for writing, producing, art direction. set design and construction, there isn't much he can't do. Every task is completed with a finely tuned attention to detail that ensures that the finished product is practically perfect.

Major is also an actor, stand up comedian and all around seasoned entertainer.

Disclaimer: This is a not for profit, unofficial fan-film series that is not intended for commercial use. It was made solely for fun. Characters are owned by Lucasfilm/Disney and this fan-series is not connected in any way to said companies.

Bucketheads is created and produced by Transmute Pictures with the support of the Twin Sun Film Foundation and our many volunteers and patreons