Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some of the questions we get most often for your viewing pleasure!

Is this REALLY a fan film?

You bet it is! We are lucky to be creating this in the heart of Hollywood North (Vancouver BC, Canada). There is a deep reservoir of film talent here, and a great number of those professionals are also Star Wars fans. So when our film friends ask their film friends...we ended up with some of the best working with us. We also are using that level of talent - and as much time as it takes - to create something we love. And we hope you do too.

How many episodes will there be? And what is the length of each episode?

We have written a story arc over 5 episodes at this time. Based on funding and our volunteer cast/crew availability we will release content as quickly as possible, so some episodes may release in Chapters. We anticipate each episode to be approximately 30 minutes long.

How can I support the project?

All of our cast and crew are volunteers, and much of our equipment and services are donated as well. But there are things that simply must be paid for, such as equipment, food and insurance. Our separate non-profit entity Twin Sun Film Foundation would love to have you as a Patreon, to help us cover these costs and produce content faster!

How can you make Star Wars content and not get in trouble with Disney/LucasFilm?

LucasFilm has always been a great supporter of fan film, and Disney has continued that trend. There are a set of rules and guidelines that allow us fans to make content. We at Bucketheads are very careful to ensure we are adhering to those guidelines.

How long until the next Chapter/Episode?

Short answer - We aren’t sure!


Long Answer - We would love to be able to release a new chapter every week the way the big studios do. But as we are doing this with the support of Patreons and the donations of time, talent, and treasure from our cast and crew, we simply cannot work as quickly as we could wish. They say that you can do a project that is Amazing, Fast or Cheap. But only 2 of those things. So we are aiming for Cheap and Amazing! With what we have planned we KNOW it will be worth the wait. 

I am a cameraman/VFX artist/actor etc. Can I work on the project?

We are based in Vancouver, BC, Canada so keep that in mind, but we would love to hear from you and see how you can get involved! Simply e-mail us at

If you are an actor interested in our project, we invite you to submit your details through this form [Click Here]

I LOVE the music! Who is it and where can I find more?

The original orchestral soundtracks are by the fabulous Samuel Kim. Click his name to find out more!

Then check out the amazing Teller & The Tale who performed our credits tracks!

That opening sequence is amazing! How was it done?

We were incredibly lucky to be approached by itsgotstealth about doing the title sequence for the short film, and now we wouldn't have anyone else!  They are an award winning film design duo, and one of those awards was for our sequence.


Give them some love and see what else they have done! 

Who is on the cast/crew?

You can view our lists currently on IMDB, which is being updated as new members get involved.

Will there be a cameo/reference to (insert character/battle/planet) in the series?

While we are working to make sure that there is plenty of content that is recognizable and established by the Canon films and shows, we are also pulling inspirations from the books, comics and other references. But as a creative team there is the desire to create our own characters and situations that fit within the lore. We want to give a story that is firmly entrenched in the world of Star Wars with a new direction and spin. So perhaps we are saying...maybe?

Why are stormtroopers lefthanded? Why did Torin switch hands?

That is actually something rather "canon". Because of the design of the blasters on the Original Trilogy, they had to be used in a left handed grip. Leading to the impression that all stormtroopers are left handed, which is generally not the case. The character of Torin may very well be right handed, so in a situation where accuracy was more important than speed, he would naturally switch his grip. We love that people are catching our nod to that!

Will there be descriptive audio for all episodes and content?

We are working with a service to have descriptive audio added to all of our content, if it is not yet there please be patient with us, we are working on it!

Will the show/website be available in my language?

We would love to have our content in every language! This does take time as we work through web services and translators. If your language is not supported, please let us know and we will see what we can do to correct that!

Disclaimer: This is a not for profit, unofficial fan-film series that is not intended for commercial use. It was made solely for fun. Characters are owned by Lucasfilm/Disney and this fan-series is not connected in any way to said companies.

Bucketheads is created and produced by Transmute Pictures with the support of the Twin Sun Film Foundation and our many volunteers and patreons