After the success of the short film, we were determined to continue the story of Nova Squad and further explore the lore from the viewpoint of the stormtroopers.  There were more talented members of the film community asking to be involved, and we realized we had the opportunity to create a series that had the potential high quality rarely seen in independent film. 

We began filming in the middle of a pandemic, which posed a whole new level of challenge; but by following the same guidelines as the big studios we were able to get underway in a safe manner. This however greatly extended our timeline. So the first episode will be released in 3 Chapters in order to share things as soon as we have them ready! Once they are complete we will release a supercut for the full 30-40min episode we have written.

Episode One, Chapter 1 - Ground Zero

As the Battle of Endor rages on, Nova Squad finds itself pinned down by the rebel forces. Events take place that will forever change their lives


Chapter One Gallery - Behind the Scenes and Stills

Disclaimer: This is a not for profit, unofficial fan-film series that is not intended for commercial use. It was made solely for fun. Characters are owned by Lucasfilm/Disney and this fan-series is not connected in any way to said companies.

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